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Diverse Learning Environments

Sleeping Baby


Between the Age of 3 and 12 months:

at this age, your children require a lot of sleep where we will keep them in one of the resting rooms and a caring person will watch over their every need such as feeding and diaper changing, then they will be transferred to the playroom where they can have fun and interact with others from the same age.



Between the age of 1 and 4 years:

At this age, your child has a lot of energy that needs to be spent in the most productive way. To do that, we designed interactive games with educational and social content where your child learns a new thing every day and makes friends at the same time.

Cute Toddler


Between the age of 4 and 5 years:

It is time to start training your child to sit in a classroom with his peers and learn, which is why we designed classes for them that are not heavy on materials and fun to follow. We will divide their time between learning and playing, following psychological and developmental techniques that will make the class a fun place to be at where they are being introduced to materials such as Soroban, Mathematics, Languages, and Science while maintaining a fun balance of activities such as Drawing, Music, Gardening, and Sports.


Between the age of 4 and 6 years:

it is time for your child to start learning and preparing for elementary school. We will enforce our methods of making school more fun for the child with an advanced program that will include preparatory level Math, Arabic, French, English, Science, Mental Calculations, Very light History and Geography, and more. while keeping Activities designed for the children's age and that they enjoy, such as singing, playing instruments, drawing, and physical activities such as soccer and basketball. 

Preschool Learning Pod
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